Ancient Time from China

Ancient Time from China

This video was supposed to be one in a series, however circumstances radically changed when I found myself living in mainland China. Rather than attempt to produce an entire series based on my up-close and personal experience in China, which would take a whole lot of time and money, I decided to bring this first episode out of the archives to premiere on BFAFLIX!

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Sheila Price

Keith, thank you so much for sharing your travel experiences in your search for Time in various countries. For those of us who cannot travel it’s wonderful to get to see things from a more personal point of view and not a staged documentary. Again… thank you… and… thank your wife too for being willing to have you gone so much for these endeavors to help us learn more about God’s time! Shalom!

Anna Holt

This was exciting about the written Chinese language. When I was in college I met a man at church who was a professor in the science department. He was from China, and told me the Chinese language told the story of Noah’s flood. I wonder how much of the Chinese picture language is about God. Also, next time I have fish with a head, I will try eating the cheek so I will have nice skin.

David Popov

This is so interesting! Thanks for sharing this trip with us. Please share the next episodes of this ASAP 🙂 Shalom from Canada

Mark Dunn

I enjoyed this informative travelog. Thank you.

The ideographic Chinese writing system originating more than 4000 years ago appears to reflect the stories of the Hebrew biblical book of Genesis. Though there are many matches, one compelling example is the ancient Chinese word for “boat”. It is made up graphically by combining the symbol for “vessel”, “mouth/people” and “eight”. A possible preservation of the Noah’s Ark event.

Also, one of the thousands of distinct Chinese cultural groups the Miao has an ancient oral song tradition that includes the genealogy of the “first man” that parallels that of Adam with shockingly similarly sounding names. It goes like this:

1. “Dirt” v. Adam
2. Se-teh v. Seth
3. Lesu v. Enos or Enoch or unsure
4. Gehlo v. Methuselah
5. Nuah v. Noah
6. Lo Han/Lo Shen/ Lo Jah-phu v. Ham/Shem/Japheth 7. Cusah/Mesay/Elan/Nga’shur/Go-men v. Cush/Mizraim/Elam/Asshur/ Gomer.

Could this be pointing to the historicity of the tower of Babel? I’m not an expert or researcher in this matter and have only come across these on YouTube from several different authors.

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