Top 10 Responses to Alternative Facts – Yehovah or Yahweh

Top 10 Responses to Alternative Facts – Yehovah or Yahweh


Never before had I done what you are about to see. However, it was required! I have been challenged to reenter the discussion, dialogue, and debate regarding the pronunciation of the Creator’s name: Yehovah or Yahweh? Instead of telling you what “they say,” I want you to see and hear it for yourself, and then watch, listen, and learn from my top 10 responses. Enjoy!

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Anna Holt

Keith gives a very nice explanation on why what he calls “alternative facts” are incorrect. I love that he brings real examples. I am confused why the alternative fact people say God’s name spelled correctly In the Aleppo Codex shows us it was added later because the scribe would have removed the error when it was written. Who is this hypothetical scribe willing to blot God’s name out of the Torah? The sad thing is these people present themselves as scholars who looked into this matter, and they sound correct because they are repeating things we have all heard. Too bad we all heard a bunch of gossip. Thank you for bringing us some truth.

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