Hebrew Gospel Pearls Episode 1

Hebrew Gospel Pearls Episode 1

2020 1h 22m

Have you ever wondered what the Gospel of Matthew was like before translators and theologians got hold of it? We now have documents that answer this question! And by the way, they are written in Hebrew—the language in which Matthew wrote his gospel!

For hundreds of years, 28 ancient Hebrew manuscripts of Matthew have been locked away in libraries around the world. Now, like prying open oysters and harvesting their treasures, our groundbreaking Hebrew Gospel Pearls studies are opening these manuscripts and bringing the pearls to the surface for all to see their value!

Studying these documents raises questions we didn’t even know we needed to ask and provides answers that have eluded readers for centuries. At last, we can set aside what translators and theologians want us to think and focus on what Matthew intended us to understand.

No one else is doing anything like this! Don’t miss this unique opportunity to encounter the Gospel of Matthew “B.T.T.” (before translators and theologians). We believe these ancient manuscripts have a message for us today!

And that’s not all! For our friends who are interested in a more comprehensive study of Hebrew Matthew, we are offering Hebrew Gospel Pearls Plus. In each of these episodes we dive deeper into language, history, and context to retrieve even more pearls.

Available to our Premium Content Library members, Hebrew Gospel Pearls Plus takes a more penetrating look into Hebrew Matthew. Premium subscribers can also download a Hebrew-English interlinear text and a new English translation of Hebrew Matthew.

You’ve never experienced anything like this! Begin your journey today!

In Episode 1, listen to Keith and Nehemia discuss Matthew 1:1-17.

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