Hebrew Gospel Pearls PLUS Episode 1

Hebrew Gospel Pearls PLUS Episode 1

2020 1h 6m

For our friends who are interested in a more comprehensive study of Hebrew Matthew, we are offering Hebrew Gospel Pearls Plus. In each of these episodes we dive deeper into language, history, and context to retrieve even more pearls.

In Episode 1 PLUS, listen to Keith and Nehemia discuss Matthew 1:1-17.

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John P Wilkerson

What can I say??? There are no words really strong enough to describe the blessing of the Jewish and Christian faith coming together and meeting at ” THE TRUTH ” I am A believer in Yeshua as the Messiah. Having said that, Nehemia… you have taught me so much that the christian society has let me down on. Ultimately, I believe if a person is not taught by the Holy Spirit, then they are not finding the full truth. A lot could be said about that. I have great respect for you and Keith.. ( don’t feel left out) I would just ask you to consider something… Knowing what you know about your most powerful and most merciful Creator, doesnt it seem fitting that He would have those considered worthy of His Kingdom to accept ” The Kingship” as a Lamb before getting the honor of having the Lion? I love you brother and all Jewish people Rabbinic or Karaite, my King teaches me to do that . I would only say that once out of respect for your beliefs but please understand that from where I’m coming from… if I didn’t say it at least once, could I really say that I love you??? Thank you both so Much! I am encouraging christians to watch the ” Does John 6:4 belong in the Bible” series 1-4 vehemently! May Yehovah bless you both! I also appreciate Michael roods efforts which I have learned much from as well! If there were more stars to give you, I would give them all!

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