Episode 1: Thus Far
Episode 1: Thus Far

Join Keith Johnson as he brings his one-man, one-camera mission back from the Middle East to the United States. What he discovered in Manhattan, Washington D.C., and beyond initially caused him to stash his video footage away . . . until now! We are looking for those who are ready, willing, and able to assist us in getting this “right-now message” to the world through another cutting-edge creative and compelling Time Will Tell Series.

Get ready to take a journey that will open eyes and ears to what is happening just beneath the surface of American soil. We call this new miniseries “Now Is The Time: Revealing Secrets, Restoring Truth.”

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Nikhail Drakes

This is great. I never knew this much took place. Also, all the the spiritual pagan mixing and masonic events–people involved–it was shocking but it’s good this knowledge has surfaced. We need more of this and we must wake up to tell the adversary “Ad Halom”!

Lahu Joseph

Outstanding information and entertainment as it was so captivating. Like a Biblical mystery it bobbed and wove it’s way across time and place with a very human touch: host Keith Johnson!

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