Episode 2: No More Secrets
Episode 2: No More Secrets

The journey continues as Keith ventures further into the depths of New York City in episode 2 of the Now is the Time: Revealing Secrets, Restoring Truth miniseries.

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Nikhail Drakes

A lot was revealed in this episode. Sometimes I wonder what would really motivate someone to be a part of these “secret” societies. Is it really just about money and power? Could it be that some were tricked—misled into it as a consequence of their upbringing through father, mother or guardian having their own personal interests at heart? Whatever the reason, may Yehovah free them from it all. Yah help us.

Lahu Joseph

From “curve ball” to triumph, another exciting episode on the trail of discovery.
Amazing the access Keith was granted on the NYC masonic lodge. I can’t wait to check out more!

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