Episode 3: God’s Torah
Episode 3: God’s Torah

What picture comes to mind when you hear the term “God’s law”? What if the original meaning would cause you to see a new picture? The Hebrew word behind the English term “law” paints a beautiful picture filled with colors of power, practicality, and purpose.

This installment of Scripture Bytes takes a look into the art gallery of Scripture to find out more about this original word that is a true masterpiece. A key verse in the first chapter of Proverbs opens the door to a deeper understanding of—and a greater appreciation for—God’s “law.”

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Daisy Tetreau

Question, I have a Bible that uses the word Torah.
I wonder how they decide to capitalize it? Does the word mean God’s law or does it refer specifically to the Torah – first 5 books of Moses?
I sm so grateful for these Scripture Bytes.

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