Episode 4: God’s Tetragrammaton
Episode 4: God’s Tetragrammaton

Are you interested in receiving a blessing? What if God intended to bless His people through speaking His name? Keith Johnson has been able to uncover some information, inspiration, and revelation in Scripture that has caused him to stop tiptoeing through the tulips of tradition and proclaim God’s name everywhere he can!

In this installment of Scripture Bytes, Keith examines an obscure but powerful verse with a word hidden behind the English translation that holds a key to understanding the use of the personal, powerful, and profound name of God that is to be used in prayer, proclamation, and praise.

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Great! Keith does a very good job at looking at the language, history, and context of Scripture. Anyone want to do an in depth study in the root word זכר? Well then, keep reading.

Daisy Tetreau

So thankful that you and Nehemia have unlocked the pronunciation of the name of “the LORD”,
Yehovah. How can it be that we have been robbed of the blessing from mentioning His name!

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