Episode 9: Biblical Time
Episode 9: Biblical Time

After eight full episodes we are finally ready to answer the question about biblical time vs. Muslim, Christian, and Jewish time. Search with Keith for the witness of God’s clock hardwired into His creation by going on an adventure with biblical time expert Nehemia Gordon from the rocket-launching Gaza border in the south to the military-patrolled Jordanian border in the north. Then learn how to tell time by looking at God’s clock in the heavens. You will not want to miss this exciting episode!

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Paul M Reeves

Fantastic wondering through both Israels historic places and Rome. We are both enlightened and informed to a very high degree. The only thing we don’t agree on is you answer to the 3 nights and 3 days between crusifiction and resurrection. There had to be a day between the high sabbath and the weekly sabbath. The women had to have a day to buy spices and oils. Not the sort of thing one would have at home. need to be fresh. Then with a wednesday crusifiction, the counting works where He resurrected on sabbath just before sundown, and met Mirium before light the next day. Tel me, after having cried on studying from when this was filmed, if you have come to a different meaning. Paul

Shirley Bewley

Excellent as usual. I know that you and Nehemia are thorough and trust your opinions.
I haven’t left reviews on every episode, but ALL are EXCELLENT!
Thank you so much

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